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Annual Safety Award Criteria for Contractor Members Only

In preparation for your Association’s yearly Annual Safety Awards,
please be informed of the criteria for award eligibility.


Criteria No. 1 Below please find a notice from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association. Written consent is now required from each member in order for the I.H.S.A./W.S.I.B. to release injury experience performance data.
Those who wish to participate in the Association’s Annual Safety Awards Ceremony should complete the consent form attached.

Criteria No. 2Category One and Two Awards are based on top statistical performance. Category Three Safety Awards are based on statistical experience performance (60%) as well as a review of your Safety Program (40%).
Once the top statistical performance ratings have been determined, a Health & Safety consultant will make an appointment with those firms to conduct a “Health and Safety Profile Review” which will include a review/scoring of both your Company’s Safety Program as well as a review of approximately two site projects. There is a minimum eligibility score of 75%.

×  The Annual-Zero-Frequency Awards presented to the Company’s who have been able to maintain no Lost-Time-Injury accidents will not require the above review.

Kindly complete the Consent Form below and forward to the Association office by fax or e-mail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Association office.




consent form

Annual Safety Award Member Consent

As a Contractor member of the Hamilton & District Heavy Construction (Hand) Association, I give the Association permission to obtain and analyze WSIB related Health and Safety performance information (Firm Profile) for the purpose of preparing the Association’s Annual Health and Safety Awards.
This information may be shared with a third party for the sole purpose of data analysis related to preparing the award winners.
This consent is valid for as long as the below noted Company is a member of the Hamilton & District Heavy Construction (Hand) Association and/or written notice of non consent is provided otherwise.
Upon qualifying for this award, I also give consent for this Company to stand for each Annual Safety Award and agree to undergo both a Infrastructure Health and Safety Association Profile and Site evaluation.
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